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A Note From A Growing Photographer...

I began my photography career as a freshman in college. It began to become something that I would develop a budding interest in. People would say, "ooh girl, you take some good pictures", and with that comment, I knew, I wanted to become better than "just good", I wanted my work to be amazing.

I began investing in my photography career by finding mentors. Lets just say in the beginning, they were jealous of my growth. It wasn't until I found Sasha, of Green Tangerine Photography, that my photography began moving in the direction that I wanted it to. Though, I made a few mistakes, I got up, learned from my experiences to provide better customer service and quality images for my clients.

With coaching, countless YouTube videos, photographer support groups and years passing, my photography career is something that I can honestly say that I am proud of. It took a lot of tears, handwork and some serious dedication to get to where I currently am, but I'm no where close to where I aspire to be.

For those of you who have witnessed the growth of this budding photographer, I thank you. For my first few clients, who have supported and referred business to me consistently, I thank you as well. I can only hope that you allow me to have your continuous support, and to one day capture you too.


Image by Green Tangerine Photography

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